The primary shareholders of both Estim8 Co Ltd, which is a Thai registered company operating in Nonthaburi in Bangkok, and Estim8 Pty Ltd which is an Australian registered company operating in Black Rock in Melbourne, are Chris Rogers and Tawich Chatwiriyawong (Wit). As such, the support that Estim8’s clients receive is from highly experienced parties.

With almost sixty years combined experience in timber trusses, frames and building products, Chris and Wit provide a formidable range of experience and expertise, across the spectrum of the Timber and Building Industries.

Estim8’s two Senior Technical/Training managers in Bangkok also have extensive experience, each having spent twelve years in the truss and frame industry in Thailand, which is modelled on the Australian and New Zealand construction methodology. Estimators are formed into four teams, each headed by a Key Account Manager, who in conjunction with the Technical/Training managers are responsible for the quality and service provided to the clients, and the ongoing training of the individual estimators.

The team of Estimators at Estim8 are all recently graduated Engineers or Architects, who have undergone extensive training in the Truss & Frame and Building Industries. The mixture of young Engineers and Architects in the correct blend provides Estim8 with a team that is balanced in its skill base, outlook and characteristics. They form a vibrant, enthusiastic and dedicated group, who are naturally skilled and thoroughly trained.