Estim8 takes both the choice of staff and their training extremely seriously. We employ qualified engineers and architects straight from university, who first undergo a rigorous evaluation as to their suitability as estimators. Universities provide them with skills in CAD, maths, plan reading and building processes and we seek out young men and women who also have innate skills in spatial ability, initiative, speed and accuracy, together with enthusiasm, dedication and a desire to provide customer satisfaction.Training takes place in several stages. Trainees undergo one-on-one training with one of our experienced technical staff. The first month is full time “side by side” training, followed by two months of “over the shoulder” training. He or she is allocated to a team, with the trainer continuing to be on hand and the team leader providing guidance on the specific needs of the customer whose work is being carried out. All our team members participate in monthly in-house training sessions and software training that is carried out by the owners of the software that we utilise to service our customers. Our senior staff members also undertake external leadership training and visits to Australian sites and clients. Training our team members is a full time and never ending part of our operation.